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Moving Quotes

Estimation of your moving cost

Regardless of how close or far your move is, you'll need to figure out the ins and outs of your move before you start packing. The great thing about a non-obligatory moving quote is that it allows you to compare moving estimates from different moving companies. Once you've figured out your options, it'll lend you more room to understand the particulars of what it is you need for your move. Not only will the moving quote assist you in terms of your moving budget, it'll also allow you to decide which moving service is the more cost efficient method of getting to your new home. This article will feature a few suggestions from expert movers regarding moving quotes and how to best apply them.

Comparing Your OptionsBy filling out a moving quote form, you can receive moving estimates from reputable and licensed movers. Since you're a prospective customer, keep in mind that the companies should be vying for your business, not the other way around. Never hire a moving company based on a seemingly reasonable estimate you receive. Instead, be sure to make plenty of inquiries regarding the details of their moving rates before you make a final decision. Contact several moving services and compare their estimates and rates. Ask yourself, what would best accommodate your move for the lowest price?

Cost FactorsNaturally, the moving quote you receive will vary depending on the distance of the move, the type and overall weight of your household items, and any other additional services you may require. Some cost factors you should be aware of include packing services, specialized transport, handling, and insurance rates. In order to get the most accurate quote you can, include all of the details you're certain about in lieu of providing partial information. If you submit your complete information, you'll receive a more detailed overview of your options.

Different Types of QuotesA binding estimate is considered to be a flat moving quote based on the exact details you've discussed with your moving company for your move. The cost of the binding estimate is also fixed and unchanged sum. However, you may receive another bill for any additional services rendered outside what was discussed during the estimation process. A non-binding moving quote is based on the estimated weight of your items, but you will have to pay for the actual weight. If you receive a not-to-exceed moving quote, that means that you won't have to pay more than the provided quote, even if your shipment is heavier or lighter than estimated.